San Diego Commercial Pressure Washing

Power Washing is no small task when you are 500 feet above the ground. As a matter of fact it becomes a bit of science when you begin to deal with reoccurring stains, soft substrates, oil deposits and leaching while seeking long term results.

For instance did you know that pre-treating algae with cleaning agents can help prevent re-growth for up to 24 Months? Or that there are spray safe, environmentally friendly products which use microbes and enzymes?

The right equipment not only gets the job done faster but yields grand results. Some jobs require a little extra reach; San Diego Pressure Washing has the tools to get the job done, no matter how high or how stained the surface is.

Need a new paint job? The first requirement is to have a clean, chalk free surface for your coating to adhere to. No one wants peeling paint a year after it has been installed. Call San Diego Pressure Washing when you not only want it to look good now, but for the next 5 years as well.

 If You Not Satisfied, You Won't Pay A Penny!!!

If You Not Satisfied, You Won’t Pay A Penny!!!

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Hi I'am Tom and this is my wife Alex and We are the owners of San Diego Window Cleaning /Pressure Washing and Busy Broom European House Cleaning .This Is Our Family Business That I started in 1992 in Chicago.My desire has always been to give the customer my upmost quality.I am very proud of my crew, having selected the very best with respect to attitudes, honesty, and skill level. It is very important to me that the each of my workers take pride in his workmanship. I like my crew, and find our turnover rate to be very low. We also have an excellent safety record.

Each crew member serves mostly in the area in which he lives. We work directly for Fannie Mae, Home Depot

And, yes, you'll often find me out there working with my crew , a welcome change from the office. And I will give my personal 100% satisfaction guarantee to all my costumers.

Thank You For Your Time

Tom And Alex B.


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